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M. Gentile Studios:

The Masumi Hayashi Foundation would like to thank Mike, Mary, and the staff at M. Gentile Studios for years of dedicated service to the artistic legacy and family of Masumi Hayashi. Since Masumi’s passing in 2006, there have been numerous jobs involving Masumi’s artwork, from exhibitions to publications and sales, Mike and Mary have helped complete some part of every project.  They have been the “can do” partners that really help Dr. Hayashi’s work in circulation.

Masumi Legacy Project:

The Masumi Hayashi Foundation would like to the thank Barbara Tannenbaum, Linda Butler, Penny Rakoff, Garie Waltzer, Bill Lipscomb, Judith MacMillan, and Eli Becker for their countless hours of work to produce the amazing book, Masumi Hayashi: Panoramic Photo Collages 1976-2006, available now on Amazon and bookstores that sell Fine Art books.

Radius Books:

The Masumi Hayashi Foundation would like to thank and congratulate David Chickee and the staff at Radius Books, for the successful completion and printing of the Masumi Hayashi book. Congratulations on producing a beautiful book that successfully presents the Hayashi’s unusually shaped work in print!

Cleveland State University:

The Foundation would also like to thank the Administration and Staff of Cleveland State University for ongoing support for keeping Dr. Hayashi’s work in the public eye. The Masumi Hayashi Foundation is proud to donate money every year to a Cleveland State University scholarship in the name of Dr. Masumi Hayashi, which will be given to a student who has declared art and photography as their major.

Special thanks go to Melanie Boyd in the CSU Architects Office for selecting the work of Dr. Masumi Hayashi for wall size reproductions in the renovated CSU Main Classroom building, which mark an important milestone in presenting Dr. Hayashi’s work in public.

Ohio Arts Council:

The Masumi Hayashi Foundation would like to thank Kathy Signorino at the Ohio Arts Council for her work to facilitate the mural project at Cleveland State University, Main Classroom.